Swellsa Market: Sunday, March 10th from 12pm-4
Swellsa Market: Sunday, March 10th from 12pm-4
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About Us

Welcome!! My name is Beth, owner and creator of Beans and Beats, LLC. 

Before I dive into the typical dating profile details about who I am (just kidding; we're not going there), let me tackle the one burning question that seems to be on everyone's mind: 

"How did you get started?"

Or better yet, "What got you into making chocolate?"

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate. I recall, as a child, I looking forward to the holidays (Valentines, Easter and Christmas to be exact), specifically because I knew candy would be waiting for me in my basket or stocking. I particularly enjoyed the mystery that lied within a box of assorted chocolates, and can recall my favorites - coconut, toffee and anything with nuts. My passion for chocolate was endless, but became more noticeable in my adulthood, when I finally became financially capable of buying my own. 

Before I started my business, I would (and shamelessly, still do) buy a bar - okay three - a week and would eat them within a day or two, enjoying the taste and flavor with every bite. I loved finding new brands, new flavor combinations, new confections, everywhere I went. And I mean everywhere: grocery stores, markets, and even gas stations. Just like a kid can spot a random toy in the corner of a shop, I could spot chocolate in any and every location we visited.

It was only after one shopping trip to the World Market and $100 worth of chocolate bars later, that my partner finally stated, "At this point, you should just make your own". I'm pretty sure he was half-joking, half-serious; more so seriously desperate to find a cost-saving solution to my addiction. Whatever his intentions were, I took his advice to heart and immediately got started. 

I did my research, educated myself with free and paid resources, bought my first melanger, experimented constantly, understood the process, learned how to perfect the basics, and a year later, built a kitchen and opened Beans and Beats, LLC. 


What is the concept behind the name, "Beans and Beats" (aka what does it mean!?)

As a music addict, I knew I wanted to create a brand that would allow me to incorporate my passion for music into my chocolate work. I needed the name to be slightly mysterious, catchy and a perfect representative of the entire concept. It only took me a second to start beat boxing to the word "Beans" to realize I had a name: Beans and Beats (Seriously, do it...). "Beans" to represent the cocoa beans used to make chocolate, and "Beats" to represent the music that I use to not only name my chocolates, but to add a new layer to your chocolate tasting experience. 

Our Mission

At Beans and Beats, LLC, our mission is to provide high-quality, hand-crafted, bean-to-bar chocolate along with a memorable tasting experience through the use of music.

As we continue to learn, grow and fine tune our definition of high-quality, our future mission is to become an ethically and sustainably sourced company, with a focus on providing support to the farmers, their families and the land that they cultivate on.

Last, we intend to continue our use of high-quality ingredients that are organic and plant-based (vegan).